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windows home server 2011 key code often locked away in vaults or hardware devices where only a privileged few can access them. If you re a rank and file programmer developing a strongly named assembly and you don t have access to your company s private key which is exactly the situation that Microsoft developers find themselves in, how can you fully test the assembly if you can t install it in the GAC or use its version number to do stron.

Then you ll switch to Visual Studio. NET and experience rapid application development RAD, Internet style. Along the way, you ll be introduced to important Web Forms programming techniques such as code behind and dynamic control initialization. Before you begin, it s worth noting what software you need to run this chapter s sample programs. First and foremost, you need the. NET Framework. Second, you need . , res it in a Microsoft SQL Server database. You gain Web farm compatibility because you can point all your servers to a common back end machine the one that hosts the database. You also achieve robustness because session state is preserved no matter what even if IIS is restarted or the Web server is reboot ed. If SQL Server is clustered or otherwise configured to survive hard failures, windows server 2008 key code , you can reboot the da. windows home server 2011 key code, osing session state. As a final learning exercise, try modifying Congo. aspx to store the DataSet that it binds to the DataGrid in the application cache. As it stands now, a physical database access is performed every time Congo. aspx is requested. Assuming the contents of the database don t change very often, it would be far more efficient to query the database periodically, store the results in the appli.

Monitor. Enter o try a 3 finally Monitor. Exit o If you do this in multiple threads and you will otherwise you wouldn t be using a monitor in the first place, be sure to box the value type one time and use the resulting reference in calls to Enter and Exit in all threads. If the value type you re synchronizing access to is a field, declare a corresponding Object field and store the boxed reference there. . windows home server 2011 key code, hey re attached to is meaningless. Figure 6 23 The ConditionalValidate application. ConditionalValidate. aspx html body h1 Conditional Validation Demo h1 hr form runat server table cellpadding 4 tr td align right Name td td asp TextBox ID Name RunAt server td td asp RequiredFieldValidator ControlToValidate Name ErrorMessage Please enter your name Display dynamic Color red RunAt server td tr tr td align rig.

windows home server 2011 key code t go unnoticed, Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition , but it doesn t protect view state from prying eyes or physically prevent it from being altered. For an extra measure of security over unencrypted connections, add the following entry to your Web server s Machine. config file machineKey validation 3DES Henceforth, Microsoft Outlook 2010 , Microsoft Office 2010 , ASP. NET will encrypt view state using symmetric Triple DES encryption. Encrypted view state can t be read by mere mortals unles.

tmp tmp 0 tmp int len tmp p char buffer new char len 1 strncpy buffer, windows server 2012 standard evaluation key , windows 7 ultimate key cheap , p, len int val atoi buffer delete buffer return val return 0 Figure 5 4 Source code for an ISAPI DLL. The Active Server Pages Solution A third solution to the problem of processing input from HTML forms on Web servers, and the one that made Windows a popular platform for Web applications in the second half of the 1990s, is Active Serve. , like this MyComposite. Visible false the children s Render methods won t be called either. Consequently, Microsoft Office InfoPath 2010 , the children will disappear from the Web page all because you turned off the control that contains them. The GroupBox Control Windows developers are familiar with the group box control, which draws a stylish border around other controls and visually groups them together. HTML 4 and later versions suppo. home, containing the cover scans come from the database s SmallCover and LargeCover fields and are appended to the path names to form URLs. MyComicsRepeater. aspx Import Namespace System. Data Import Namespace System. Data. SqlClient html body h1 My Comics Repeater h1 hr form runat server table width 100 tr td width 104 td table cellpadding 4 width 100 tr height 48 bgcolor yellow td width 40 align center Title t. windows home server 2011 key code.

windows home server 2011 key code. st ID ShowName RunAt Server asp ListItem Text Cats Selected true RunAt server asp ListItem Text Phantom of the Opera RunAt server asp ListItem Text Les Miserables RunAt server asp ListItem Text Cabaret RunAt server asp DropDownList br br Pick a date br asp Calendar ID ShowDate ShowGridLines true ForeColor darkblue SelectedDayStyle BackColor darkblue SelectedDayStyle ForeColor white SelectedDayStyle Font Bo. windows home server 2011 key code Primes MaxVal Update the UI Output. Text count. ToString MyStartButton. Enabled true MyCancelButton. Enabled false static void Main Application. Run new SieveForm Figure 14 3 Multithreaded Sieve application. Timer Threads The System. Threading namespace s Timer class enables you to utilize timer threads threads that call a specified method at specified intervals. To demonstrate, the console application in . home server 2011 key code - es can be stored statically for example, in JPEG files on the server, or they can be generated at run time and even customized for each request. Returning dynamically generated images frees controls from the limitations of HTML and opens the door to a world of possibilities, from controls that render graphs and pie charts to controls that render maps, formatted reports, and virtually anything else you can . windows home server 2011 key code, he text typed by the user. To make Calc. aspx as simple as possible, I purposely omitted error checking code. To see what I mean, Microsoft Office 2007 , type something other than a simple integer value say, hello into one of the text boxes and click the button. The page you see is ASP. NET s way of responding to unhandled exceptions. To prevent this error, rewrite Calc. aspx s OnAdd method as follows void OnAdd Object sender, Ev.

d it inherits from Control to render itself to a Web page. Implementing IPostBackDataHandler enables a control to update property values using data transmitted in postbacks and also to fire change events. Controls that fire change events persist property values in view state in order to detect changes in property values. Controls can force postbacks by rendering HTML elements that use client side scripts t.